Location: Trove, Manchester

Date: 26.07.19 

After months of planning our second installment of The Supperclub Sessions, we finally came together on Friday 26th July @ Trove Ancoats to celebrate an evening filled with food, music and laughter. We had only recently survived one of the hottest summers on record, the air was still heavy with rain and the air conditioning had broken down due to last week's power surge..but hey! We pushed on through and had one of the most amazing feedback to date! 

A huge thank you to the 40+ paying customers who took a chance on us and bought tickets! We sincerely appreciate all the support and love, we hope you had a great time and enjoyed the food and festivities. 

Ramen and Sazeracs would also like to say a huge thank you to our collaborators, BIG PPL MUSIC who have been at the forefront of Mancunian talent and were the entertainment providers on the night. Specifically Tunde and Sasha, who put in time, effort, sweat and tears to host and manage the front of house. 

Stay tuned for our next event, we are always trying to learn and improve our experiences and will certainly come back bigger and better than the last one! 



 @drew_archie - live music

 @_olares_ - singer

@flashsampson91 - dj

@blackstone_visuals - video/film

@csylsy.lens - photography