What happens at a Supper Club?

Supper clubs are a funny thing, they’re halfway between going to a friend’s house for dinner and sitting down at a restaurant with table service. Whichever way you choose to look at it, there is one undeniable factor that ties us altogether – our unfaltering passion for good food.

The supper club culture in London is booming, and rightly so, because it offers the full experience. Due to the saturation of eateries in the city, discerning diners are always on the hunt for something that offers that little bit extra, whether it be authenticity, conversations or a meeting of mutual interests, supper clubs are an amazing way to boost your culinary senses.

Ramen and Sazeracs was born out of a passion for culture. We believe that nothing defines culture more than the very sustenance that has brought families together since the dawn of man, lovingly made by the home-cook as a way of showing their love, even without muttering the word.

It is therefore our mission statement to celebrate authentic worldly flavours, mirroring the pockets of immigrants who came to Britain along with their family recipes, by bridging them together in a series of playful yet unforgettable dishes.

Summer '18 we saw ourselves launch our very first Supperclub Sessions, hosted at Darjeeling Express on Carnaby Street in the heart of Oxford Circus. In conjunction with some very talented people, we brought to life an evening filled with fusional-flavours, art work and music! The feedback has been phenomenal, and certainly for us, a confident nod in the right direction.


So there it is in a nutshell – keep a lookout for our next SupperClub Sessions, especially curated for the authentic and willing.