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Ramen & Sazeracs are curators of a series of sold-out dinner events dubbed 'The Supperclub Sessions', transfusing good honest food with music, art and design, often drawing inspiration from local talent,  the supper clubs are aimed at bringing you a night filled with fusional flavours and stimulating conversations among a network of like-minded people.


We operate in Manchester and London, our events pull together a whole host of dope individuals who are as passionate about their craft as we are about feeding people, we allow our collaborators to have full control over their area of expertise as we want to bring the most authentic experience to the table and serve up something unique and unforgettable. From menu design to food establishments to DJ's - we are always on the look out for people who share the same vision and motto as us.

 'Supper Clubs, Created For The Authentic and Willing.'

What's New?

SCOBO Scotch Bonnet Chilli Oil



We have just created our first condiment, a fiery, garlicky and fragrant chilli oil made by blending fresh scotch bonnets and various fresh vegetables, spices and seasonings together before simmering in big vats of oil for a minimum of 3 hours. As the wet ingredients begin to render out it's juices, the flavours begin to infuse the surrounding hot oil with their magic, the mixture turns a beautiful deep red colour owing to the pepper skins and the garlic and onions completely cook down to bring a certain savoriness to every spoonful. These little jars of fire are batch-made and definitely pack a punch, they are versatile and go with almost anything!

Supper Clubs, Created For The Authentic & Willing


Our name was born out of the extreme love of two things: Ramen noodle soup & the Sazerac cocktail, and as such we wanted to depict these origins across our supper club menus, colouring pages and goodie bags (yes everyone goes home with a little something at the end of the night!). 

We approached Pins, an artist from South London who has exhibited works in galleries from Mayfair to New York, and asked him to come up with a concept which allows us to capture both of these things at a glance.


Here are the designs you can see across the site and at our events. Click here to see who else we have worked with!

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