Collaborations With Artists

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Meet Pins and Georgina Saunders who helped design our Supperclub events and menus!

Those of you who are avid museum-goers and gallery-perusers in London may have already heard of Pins Artist who has exhibited all over the city including large collectible bodies of work entitled 'No Face Like Phone' and the latest collaboration with YKK Zip company 'Zippy Lippy' amongst many others. His gregarious art-work exhumes bold colours, messages and illustrations, often talking on social-political agendas exploring the current world around us in a myriad of playful drawings filled with double-entendres. Why are we so obsessed with our mobile phones? How responsible should we be as consumers? How is social media affecting mental health? His endless talent for designing and conjuring large canvases of acrylic/oil paintings, fiberglass sculptures and lacquered garments was one of many reasons we decided to get him involved in the project.

The project brief was simple: noodles and cocktail - the two founding factors of Ramen and Sazeracs. We wanted to play around with typography and symbolism, hence the spaghetti font and the noodle bowl in the ampersand. Together we worked through over 10 versions of the brand design, finally settling on the iterations below, not only did we use the design to launch our first ever Supperclub (click here) but also to produce colouring-cards that guests were able to fill in and post to their social media accounts.

Once we settled on the brand design, we enlisted the help of a beautiful illustrator to curate the Supperclub menu. Georgina is an extremely talented drawer with an effortless flair for menu design, having witnessed some of her earlier work which included illustrations of spirit bottles and bar ingredients, we thought she would be the perfect person to bring our menu to life. Georgina worked to a loose brief - we wanted something that reflected the essence and the ingredients used in the dishes on the night, something that spoke on the many worldly spices, herbs and flavourings we incorporated into those dishes. After a few discussions on technical specifics (such as where the title would go, the headings, the dish descriptions etc.), she produced 3 versions of the menu and we knew exactly which one would work from the start! Beautiful cascading foliage down both sides of the menu consisting of tropical

fruit, cheese plants and scotch bonnet pepper - it was perfect.

At Ramen and Sazeracs, we understand that our strength lies in food - we are good at cooking, but apart from that, we wanted to give the right creatives a platform to collaborate, work and enjoy the idea of exhibiting their work alongside some great food!

One of the most important decisions we made right from the start was to incorporate as much talent into our events as possible. We support local artists and creatives on their journey if their vibe, energy and vision aligns with ours - there is nothing we consider crazy!

If you would like to get involved in future projects, please drop us an email detailing

what you do, examples or just a message to say hi - we would love to hear from you!

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