Location: Darjeeling Express, London

Date: 29.04.18

And so it began...


"...we took inspiration from Asma Khan (Owner, Darjeeling Express) in the way she use to host her supperclub-style sunday service at her restaurant which is situated at the top of Kingly Court, it is the brainchild of a formidable head chef whose kitchen is ran entirely by a cohort of kick-ass mothers, aunties and sisters - basically bringing together all the techniques and secrets of generations of home-cooked Indian food right to the heart of London.  It was informal, cosy and it felt like we were stepping into a family home - it was a feeling we wanted to emulate at all of our events. We knew we just HAD to connect."

Kicking off with a trio of starters

1. Deep fried jerk prawn dumplings

2. Ackee and truffle gyoza

3. Salt & Pepper okra fries






The menu design was a joint effort between Pins who drew the logo, and Georgina Saunders, whose organic illustrations was perfect for our theme. We wanted all elements of the dishes displayed on the front, the scotch bonnet trees hanging down from the top, the papayas cascading down the middle and the pineapple and plantain from the dessert sitting at the bottom. 

It was really great working with artists who understood the brief and came up with something totally fitting straight away. 

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